Our Vision

MK Africa embraces the New Africa Development Goals by continuing investment in our people with training and mentorship in order to ensure service quality and success in project delivery.


Strategic Planning

Industry research and performance will form key factors in the implementation of the group strategy which will have a very specific performance criteria to adhere to. The performance criteria will be determined from time to time by the board according to the various performance factors.


Agreements, Joint Venture and Networking

MK Africa constantly engage industry partners for strategic alliances and agreements that is mutually beneficial to the advancement of all parties in the agreement.
These joint ventures will enable MK Africa and its Partners to access market segments that have been unexplored in the past providing the alliance with a larger client base.


Our Abilities

Ventilation Shafts:Ventilation Shafts:

MK Africa was key to the preparation and excavation of the material around the sinking of ventilation shafts on behalf of drilling operators. This ensured that the shaft was completed using the most suitable method and process in a cost effective manner.

Concrete WorkConcrete Work

Mk Africa has a full team of highly skilled concrete form work technicians and have completed several projects across various industries.

Pipelines for commercial developments, concrete drainage systems in mining sector etc.